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Unsere Tankstelle in Zurndorf


Driving a car should be fun – not pricey! That is why we offer OMV brand motor fuel at a reasonable price.
Whether you choose Super 95 or Diesel – with every litre you get high-quality fuel and you save precious money.


What is more, OMV motor fuel does not only benefit your purse, it is the best you can do for your engine. With every litre you get the latest technology in this field.

For the latest prices see Spritpreisrechner.

The process of refuelling

You can use our petrol station with a transponder tag as our station is not manned. Therefore we avoid high personnel costs and we are able to offer high-quality fuel to competitive prices.

Get your own transponder tag and refill your car conveniently without cash. You just have to pay 10 Euro caution money for the tag.



The amount is charged from your bank account on the first day of the next month. The invoice stating all your processes of refuelling is sent to you either via post or e-mail.


How to get your own transponder tag

Send us an e-mail, phone us or visit our office and within minutes you will be part of our long list of satisfied customers.